One mission, one people, one solution.

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The chaplain that visits with the patient in hospital or the inmate in prison or jail, the teacher that invests in their students and shows integrity in the staff room, the small group leader that leads Bible studies, the neighbor that goes above and beyond random acts of kindness, the Wal-Mart employee that offers to pray for their colleagues, the youth worker that gets pied in the face, the friend that shares their spiritual journey and walks with you through the good times and the bad… we’re all doing something different, and yet, we’re all doing the same thing.

Some of us feel somewhat equipped; most of us think we’ll be OK just as long as we’re not required to put the gospel into words. Many of us have questions about what the gospel has to say about mental health, addiction, broken families, terminal illness, trauma, bullying, homelessness… etc. We’re all involved in different types of situations and problems, and yet, there is one solution. There is one mission in Cañon City, one people called to that mission, and one solution to every problem.

With 10 years of experience in mentoring, hospitality, discipleship, suffering with the broken, getting it wrong, and the excuse of a significant anniversary, New Creations Inn wishes to start a conversation about how every disciple of Christ in Fremont County and beyond can fulfill their role as an ambassador of Christ and be equipped to share God’s love, with integrity, with people from all walks of life.

The main themes we will be looking at during our birthday-party-theology-conference are: the relationship that God designed us for, the implications of that relationship being broken, what reconciliation looks like and our part in taking that reconciliation out to everyone who needs it. This will not be a simple step by step guide to evangelism nor will we promote a particular foolproof program to suit everyone’s ministry needs. However, there will be time for discussion to grapple with the implications of the gospel and apply it to your mission context. That is why it is a great idea to bring your whole small group or friends who you do Christian life with, so you can work out where the rubber hits the road. We are also planning on doing more training events in the future so this is a great opportunity for your church group to voice their training needs and network with others involved in similar types of ministry.

Whatever the type of brokenness is that you encounter, the answer is the gospel.

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