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It’s our ‘friendversary&#...

Eat cake &celebrate!

Is your Facebook plagued with Friendversary videos? What even is a ‘friendversary’ and more importantly did it ever exist before Facebook? As New Creations Inn approaches its 10 year anniversary, I wonder what it’s Friendversary video would look like. Maybe it would include photos of various NCI birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, days out, and perhaps […]

Inheritance Part 2- Citizens and Heir...

Inheritance Part 2- Citizens and Heirs

Most believers and non-believers alike understand that putting ones faith in Jesus somehow connects you to the ‘family of God.’ Maybe they have even seen a “I am the daughter of King” Facebook meme, but do they really understand what that means… do you understand what that means? More specifically do you understand what that […]

Inheritance Part 1- The Beginning of ...

box white back

The story of Jacob and Esau in the Bible is one of the more difficult ones.  Well at least it has been for me.  It is the story of twin brothers. Esau, the  rough around the edges, older brother was his father’s favorite. He was also entitled to a great inheritance as the first born. […]