Core Values

Here is an introduction to the 8 core values that we create our culture and program processes around.


CV iniversal id
Universal Identity

We are all made in the image of God and worthy of equal dignity. We are all in recovery from something with no one thing being better or worse than the other

cv reconcillation

Because of the reconciliation of man to God through Jesus we will pursue reconciliation with others, within ourselves and in the world

cv justice
Justice and Grace

Justice-a truthful assessment and consequence for wrongdoing, is an invitation to God’s Grace and as recipients of that grace we fight injustice with love

cv authneticity

We will seek to understand ourselves and align our inner selves with our public personas, living with integrity and vulnerability as we learn to take off our masks

cv relational

We believe we were created to be in community where we learn to grow through conflict and experience support and acceptance

cv servantleadership
Servant Leadership

We believe that serving with humility is both an honor and privilege and is the example set by Jesus himself There is no task or association that is below us

cv emporment

We are all capable of meaningful contribution and using our own voice. We do ‘with’ not ‘for.’ Empowerment and is essential for ‘owning’ ones recovery

cv holistic

We practice ‘whole-life’ recovery addressing all areas of brokenness and wellness not just the primary issue that brings someone to our program