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Private Rooms

All rooms are private and furnished including a mini fridge and microwave.


Through relationship and study we provided a pathway to discipleship


We have a relaxed family-like community at New Creations


We are a forward-focused program aiming for lasting change not quick fixes

The Lesson

The Lesson

  At New Creations Inn, we like to summarize the gospel narrative into four acts which we find played out both in the scriptures and in our clients’ lives: Creation, Estrangement, Reconciliation, and New Creation. This formed the agenda for the 10 year anniversary conference which was called, Lessons at the Inn. Ultimately, the lesson from […]

It’s our ‘friendversary’… kinda

Is your Facebook plagued with Friendversary videos? What even is a ‘friendversary’ and more importantly did it ever exist before Facebook? As New Creations Inn approaches its 10 year anniversary, I wonder what it’s Friendversary video would look like. Maybe it would include photos of various NCI birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, days out, and perhaps […]

7 Reasons You Should Support the Work of...

7 Reasons You Should Support the Work of 20 Schemes

I recently had the privilege of observing  the work of 20 Schemes, a church planting ministry in Scotland. Working out of Scotland’s housing schemes -think American housing projects on a bigger scale, they build church planting teams, train leaders and develop resources.  We believe that building healthy, gospel-preaching churches in Scotland’s poorest communities will bring […]



Ahhh it’s that time of year when many contemplate and some participate in the monastic and self-depriving season of Lent. It is practiced among many branches of the Christian tree but it is worth mentioning that it is not actually a biblical practice and in fact some of the reasoning behind it is anti-gospel. Despite that […]